Time of the Awakening/ Generations of Legends, Book One

What is Time of the Awakening?

Time of the Awakening is the first book in the fantasy series Generations of Legends.  It’s an E-Book, available as a Special Edition through this site, as well as formats for Nook and Kindle.  (Time of the Awakening is not yet available in printed format, you can read more about why on the FAQ page.)  Readers can expect some things typical of the fantasy genre: A unique, vast and immersive world.  Heroes, villains, titanic clashes.  Artifacts of power.  Prophecy, myth and legend.  Nothing short of an epic adventure.  Two distinctions set this book (and the series) apart from all others.

What is Time of the Awakening about?

   Superficially, its a grand voyage wherein we follow a traveler on a quest of grave import (no doubt, tied into the central conflict.)  When people ask me what the book is about, they’re really asking about that central conflict.

   Again, here’s the set up:  The villain has both the means and motive to wipe out a nation and end its leader.  Among his other dark gifts, the villain can read his victims’ minds.  How then does our hero, the King, overcome a foe who knows his every whim, who might thwart his every plan?  The resolution of that conflict is what the book is all about.  Check out the teaser.